During Annual Conference in Hot Springs in June, MFA board members Rev. Pam Estes, Bishop Gary Mueller, Mabel Donaldson, Bill Wisner, Rev. Jim Polk and MFA VP of Development, Janet Marshall gathered for a photo opportunity.

MFA board member Todd Burris, MFA Sr. VP and CFO, Clarence Trice, MFA board member Rev. Lynn Kilbourne, and MFA Director of Leadership Ministries Rev. Mackey Yokem met prior to the MFA report during Annual Conference in Hot Springs on June 19, 2018.
The former MFA board chair, The Honorable Beth Deere, Rev. Mackey Yokem, MFA Director of Leadership Ministries, and MFA board member Dewitt Smith enjoyed some time together following a recent board meeting.


Board od Directors members Clef Vaughan, Becki Lusk and Rev. Phil Hathcock visited before a board meeting.


Dr. Debby Fiser, Little Rock

* denotes ex officio (without vote) board members