Bishops' Club

Bishops’ Club members make gifts to the Foundation in honor of the bishops and their families who have served our state since 1836. These gifts encourage other donations, expand United Methodist ministries and allow the Foundation to provide free services to individuals and local churches.

There are three levels of membership:

  • Lifetime Members are donors who contribute a one-time gift of $15,000 to the Cornerstone Fund, an endowment to support the ministry of the Foundation. Individuals with life income gifts to the Foundation with a remainder interest of $15,000 or more are also eligible.
  • Annual Members donate $1,000 each year to the Foundation.
  • Early Career Clergy, those who have been ordained within the last five years, are invited to join the Bishops’ Club with a donation of $500.

We are pleased to announce that 100% of the 2021 Bishops' Club support will go toward grants for the first time. You may know the Bishops' Club was initially organized to help support the Foundation's daily operations. Still, we are blessed that we can now dedicate all of these funds toward our discretionary grant work. Your continued support will allow the Foundation to fulfill our mission of strengthening and expanding Methodist ministry in Arkansas.

Traditionally, the Foundation hosts an appreciation luncheon to thank the Bishops' Club members for their critical support. The members enjoy a special lunch, receive inspiration from a well-known keynote speaker, and thoroughly enjoy the chance visit with Methodist friends and make new ones. We look forward to seeing you soon!

To join Bishops’ Club, contact Lynn Kilbourne at 501-664-8632 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2022 Bishops' Club Member List

Beth Henderson Abbott
Rev. Maxine Allen
Andy and Myra Altom*
Amy Anderson*
Ellis and Kim Arnold*
Rev. DeeDee and Mr. John Autry
Rev. and Mrs. Biff Averitt
Patrick and Rev. Sara Bayles Charlton*
Rev. Mike and Mrs. Nancy Blanchard*
Luana Bracy
Helen Buchanan
Todd and Tricia Burris
Dr. Greg and Rev. Jeanie Burton
Paul and Rev. Patti Butler*
Anita B. Cabe
Mrs. Emma Carter
Dr. and Mrs. Clif Christopher
Wayne and Rynette Clark
Rev. Mike and Ann Clayton
Dr. F. Gladwin Connell
Rev. Wm. Christopher and Kathy T. Cooper
Mrs. Pat Cooper
Mrs. Lee Cress
Rev. Andreá Cummings*
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Darwin
Beth and David Deere
Rev. Lauren DeLano*
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dillon
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Donaldson
William and Maurica Dooley*
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Douglas
Claire and B. J. Dunn
Mrs. Martha L. Faulkner
Dr. Debby Fiser
Rev. David Fleming and Dr. Karla Hefty
Gene and Gaylia Fortson
Jim and Karen Foust
Carol Freebairn
Rev. David & Mrs. Katie Freeman
Rev. J.J. Galloway
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gibson
Dr. Robert and Brenda Gullett*
Phil and Gwen Hathcock
Barbara Rogers Hoover
Keith and Paula Ihms
Frances R. Jarvis
Bert Kell
Ed and Roy Beth Kelley*
Larry and Grace Kelso
Revs. Lynn and Nathan Kilbourne
Bill and Missy Kincaid
Carolyn and Paul Lasseigne
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Leggett
Bill and Karon Mann
Mr. Garth Martin
Mrs. Pat Matthews
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Michael Mattox
Rev. C.E. and Mrs. Gloria McAdoo
Michael and Lisa McGibbony*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McLarty
Ginny and Shawn McMurray
Carl Miller
Rev. and Mrs. Ronnie Miller-Yow
Dr. and Mrs. George Mitchell
Revs. David and Edna Morgan
Jimmy and Lorraine Mosby
Bishop Gary and Karen Mueller
Rev. Don Nolley
Jeanie and Gary Nutter
Wanda O'Quinn
Revs. Shane and Sara Pair
Jill and Ted Penick*
Fred Perkins, Jr.
Doug and Bethany Phillips*
Dr. and Mrs. Taylor Prewitt
Phil Pyeatt
Revs. Corey and Dan Read*
Bud and Carey Reeves
Rev. John and Susan Robbins
Del and Peggy Roberson
DK and Rosemary Robinson
Drs. Stephen and Julie Routon
Decie and Gordon Shirron
Steve Shults
Lee and Cathy Sing*
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Skaer
Karen and Rev. Britt Skarda
Dewitt and Cindy Smith
Rev. Roy and Dr. Sandy Smith
Drs. Chris and Thea Spatz
Rev. Dennis and Mrs. Denise Spence
F.S. (Sandy) Stroope*
Jan and Charles Sullivan
Sam and Carole Teague
Rev. Davis and Laura Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Trice
Mr. and Mrs. Clefton Vaughan
Buddy and Beverly Villines
Eddie and Gwen Walker
Rev. Dr. UC and Mona Washington*
Dr. Clark and Rev. Brittany Watson
Mr. Brandon and Rev. Jennie Williams
Rev. Rebecca Wiseman
Rev. Dane and Dr. Jill Womack
Rev. Mackey and Mrs. Cindy Yokem

*New members joining in 2021 and 2022

Lifetime Members of the Bishops' Club

Elise Argue
Rebecca and Ritter Arnold*
Karen J. Barnwell
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bush
Dr. Howard and Catherine Cockrill*
Rev. and Mrs. Chuck Coffelt
Bishop Charles and Karen Crutchfield
Rev. Ronald W. and Connie Durham
Sue Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett Grace
John and Lu Harding
Mr. and Mrs. Rush Harding, III
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hart
Rev. and Mrs. Chester Jones
Ginny and Baker Kurrus
Becki and John Lusk
June Mann
Gale and Jim Markley
Mardell McClurkin
Mr. Vernon McDaniel*
Mr. and Mrs. William Mendenhall
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller
Mrs. Joyce Peck*
Peggy Polk
Leyden and Jan Pugh*
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Purtee*
Grace Ellen Rice
Ms. Doris Robey*
Martha Sowell
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Wood

*New members joining in 2021 and 2022



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