Our Grant Funding Mission: To strengthen and expand the relevance of the Methodist Church in Arkansas by providing Financial Support for Innovative & Creative ministries.

Grant funding comes from a steady flow of endowment resources to support Church ministries and is awarded by the MFA Grant's Committee. Endowment funds can be designated by donors for specific causes or left to the discretion of the Grant's Committee. The donor's original gift, or principal, in each endowment remains intact to assure perpetual support, and the annual income is used to underwrite Methodist programs, projects, and activities.

In 2020, MFA continued to make a dramatic impact on the Methodist Church in Arkansas. Over $1.6 million in grants were made at the discretion of the Foundation’s Board of Directors to high-priority areas including leadership development, human welfare, clergy financial education, and Conference institutions.

Methodist Foundation Total Grants Chart 2016 2020

Guiding Principles for Granting Funds: The Grant Committee of The Methodist Foundation for Arkansas refers to the following principles in their discussions and in the process for awarding grants, however, these statements appear here in no particular order of priority or preference.

  1. The Methodist Foundation for Arkansas (MFA) assists Methodist programs and ministries located in the state of Arkansas.

  2. The MFA seeks to fund activities that have the capacity of enriching many lives, therefore programs with the potential for being replicated receive priority consideration. Requests for programs or ministries serving only one congregation receive secondary consideration.

  3. The MFA actively pursues grant requests that seek to alleviate poverty, homelessness, and hunger, and enhance relationships between diverse communities. 

  4. The MFA focuses on grants that sustain clergy and lay leadership, college and seminary student support, and church-related and/or nonprofit organizations that foster relationships with church neighbors.

  5. The MFA has no desire to become the perpetual funder of any ongoing program or ministry.

  6. The MFA prefers to make substantial commitments rather than diluting our impact by spreading resources thinly to many small requests. Special attention will be given to collaboration encouraging multiple partners for one grant.

  7. The MFA conscientiously communicates with the leadership of Arkansas Methodism to better understand and respond to the Church’s needs and strategies.


Methodist Foundation Grants by Category 2020

MFA Grants Awarded in 2020 Include:
COVID Emergency Assistance
Grants to 28 local churches in support of their hunger ministries
ARUMC “Culture of Call”
ARUMC “All the Reasons”
Camp Aldersgate Virtual Camp
Camp Tanako
Dollars for Scholars
Methodist Children’s Home
Center for Calling and Christian Leadership
Lydia Patterson Institute Student Scholarships
Ozark Mission Project
Our House
Perkins School for Laity
Philander Smith College
Pulaski County Imagination Library
World Central Kitchen

Understanding Grants By Category

Laity Leadership
Events and continuing education opportunities that provide congregational members with new and innovative approaches to leadership in a local congregation.

Clergy Leadership
Events and continuing education opportunities that provide clergy members with new and innovative approaches to leadership in a local congregation. Beginning at the conclusion of formal training and providing for lifelong learning.

Seminary Scholarships
A three-year commitment to approved students attending a United Methodist Seminary (13). Recipients agree to return to Arkansas and serve under appointment by the Bishop two years for every year receiving the Scholarship. Our goal is to have 9 Seminarians enrolled each year. We will achieve that goal this fall.

Institutional Support
Assisting institutions with buildings, operational costs, or equipment.

Assisting church-related and/or nonprofit organizations that relate directly to the lives of neighbors and congregants.

For more information about our Grants program, contact Mackey Yokem at 501-664-8632 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Grant Application

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