A Message from Wayne: Mabelline, the Babysitter

In the last issue of Legacies, I wrote about Miss Mabelline. I mentioned she would babysit our children occasionally. The first time she did this, Rynnett and I returned home and walked in the house through the kitchen, which flowed into the living room.

The place was dark; the TV wasn't on; there wasn't a sound in the house. Both of us grew a little concerned as we made our way to the hall to the bedrooms. We had not turned on any lights, but when we rounded the corner to the bedroom hall, we saw the shadow of Mabelline sitting between the two girl's bedrooms.

As we approached, we whispered, "Miss Mabelline, are you okay?" She whispered back, "Oh yes, sir. The children are fine." We didn't know what to think about this. We said, "You are welcome to watch TV." She responded by saying, "Oh no, sir, you are not paying me to watch TV.  You are paying me to watch your children." We learned that as she watched over them as they slept, she also prayed for them (and I suspect us as well).  

We hated leaving that church, especially our guardian angel, Miss Mabelline. We kept up with her, and she eventually moved to California to live with one of her daughters, where she died several years later.  

There are a lot of guardian angels out there. I hope you have had many in your lives. Maybe there are people out there who feel you have been a guardian angel to them. Through our faith, we know God is watching over us, sitting in the dark as we sleep. 

I hope you enjoy this edition of Legacy and see ways guardian angels work in our state, local churches, institutions, and The Foundation. Let us help you be that guardian angel to your local church.


Rev. J. Wayne Clark



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