A Message from Wayne: Planning a Legacy

By Rev. J. Wayne Clark, President & CEO

As Christians and people of faith, we believe in a life after our earthly life. We sing about it, pray about it, hear sermons about it, and read about it. It is the afterlife, and faithful people place their hope in it. We do a good deal of talking, thinking, and praying about it, but we don’t do a good job planning for it.

Why is it so difficult to plan what we want to happen with our financial resources and tangible items? What frightens us about planning our ‘celebration of life’ (i.e., funeral)? Don’t we want a say in what happens to our money, treasure, and health care?

The best gift you can give your family and your pastor is to let them know your desires for these topics. Write your wishes down and make sure you tell your family, friends, and pastor. In my case, in addition to the legal documents, I have written instructions on what to do with my assets, which scriptures and hymns I want at my funeral, and the after-funeral party instructions. I do not want to burden my family; besides, they might not select or do what I want!

The Methodist Foundation for Arkansas has developed a program, Planning a Legacy, to help you think through all of these issues. Planning a Legacy helps you think about your will, what happens to your children in the event of an untimely death, what medical care you want as you end your earthly life, how to remember your church in perpetuity, and how you want your funeral to look. It doesn’t matter where you are in these plans, the program can help everyone think about the next steps they need to take.

I invite you to talk with us at the Foundation to schedule this 90-minute program at your church and take your next step to plan for your heavenly arrival.




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