Many of Us Are Planners

We plan for the future, plan for our day, and plan what we are going to eat for our next meal. Some of us may plan for a vacation, an outing, or a birthday party. So why is it most of us don’t plan for our death?

As Christians, we believe in life after death. If we are with someone when they are dying, we tell them this assurance and even remind them of their loved ones who have died who will be there in heaven to meet them. We all know that death is part of life, and from the day we are born, we are one day closer to our death. Maybe talking about it makes it real, and planning for it is a little morbid.

However, if we are believers, we should celebrate and plan for this heavenly homecoming. One of the best gifts you can give your family and pastor is to plan your funeral. Look at it as a way to have the ‘last word’ and plan the best party you will ever have.

The Foundation has a Funeral Preparation Handbook that can help you with this process and plan the best celebration you have ever had. This handbook will give you a chance to write down the scriptures you want to read, the hymns you want to be sung, and anything else you want to be done at your celebration of life.

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