Methodist Foundation Statement on Denominational Split

Official statement from The Methodist Foundation for Arkansas regarding the denominational split

Last week, the announcement was made that the 2022 General Conference is being delayed until 2024. Soon after that announcement, the Global Methodist Church announced they will begin a new denomination on May 1, 2022. With the official divisions in the United Methodist church beginning, I want to assure you that The Methodist Foundation for Arkansas is not changing its mission and will continue to serve Methodists in the state of Arkansas. Our mission remains the same—to create and administer permanent charitable endowment funds to strengthen and expand Methodist ministries in Arkansas. The Foundation is here for the local church.

While we work in partnership with the Annual Conference, the Foundation is a separate and independent institution with its own 501(c)(3). The Foundation staff is here to serve ALL Wesleyan-rooted churches in Arkansas. For churches that join the Global Methodist Church and any future new denominations that form, we will still provide the same professional services for the churches, individuals, and institutions.

Funds will continue to be invested in socially responsible ways through Wespath Institutional Investments. This means no assets at the Foundation are invested in tobacco, alcohol, pornography, private prisons, military, or gambling corporations. These ethical exclusion companies may be part of investment portfolios of banks and brokerage firms, but will never be part of The Foundation’s investment portfolio. Like these institutions, The Foundation does charge management fees, which are competitive or often less than other institutions. However, unlike banks and brokerage firms whose fees are providing bonuses for employees and dividends to stockholders, the Foundation’s fees are providing grants to churches and institutions, as well as leadership development for lay persons and clergy. These practices will continue at the Foundation.

As our denomination continues to navigate the waters before us, I am reminded that our church denomination has gone through divisions AND mergers in the past, and most likely will be a part of our future. I am also confident that through these upcoming transitions, God’s presence and grace will continue to be with us.

If you have questions or if there are ways The Methodist Foundation for Arkansas can assist you or your church, please let me know.


Rev. J. Wayne Clark
President and CEO
The Methodist Foundation for Arkansas



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