Seminary Scholarship Celebrates 20th Anniversary

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Seminary Scholarship Fund, the Foundation hosted dinner for our scholars and donors on Friday, October 14 at Cypress Social in North Little Rock.

In 2000, the Seminary Scholarship Fund was established to ensure strong pastoral leadership for the future. These scholarships enable our best and brightest students to answer God’s call and become pastors in our communities. Repayment for the scholarship is not a loan to be paid back, but “retired” through service under appointment by our Bishop, 2 years for every one year of scholarship assistance. This “paying it forward” approach has provided the Arkansas Annual Conference with creative and dedicated leadership from our Scholars.

The Methodist Foundation for Arkansas has always been passionate about providing excellent leadership for local congregations. In its sixty-year history, the Foundation has devoted efforts and finances to assist both clergy and laity with training and educational experiences with one focus, providing congregations, leaders, and pastors with the best opportunities to learn and expand knowledge and skills, so that the Kingdom would grow in local communities throughout our Annual Conference.

To date, our 41 scholars have served a total of 359 years, in 108 appointments, in congregations, Wesley Foundations, The Methodist Foundation for Arkansas, and in Military Chaplaincy. This Fall 2022 semester, Arkansas Methodism has 6 Elders and 4 Deacons in full-time degree programs at six different United Methodist seminaries. The annual award for each scholarship is $22,000 per year for three years.



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