Dewitt and Cindy Smith: A Wesleyan Viewpoint

“I’m a long-term planner. The future of our children is to get United Methodist trained pastors into our churches to teach and preach the Wesleyan culture,” said Dewitt Smith of Bella Vista. “I define that culture as taking it to the streets and living your faith.”  

Dewitt Smith, III, has a long family history of service to Methodism.  His direct ancestor on his paternal grandfather’s side opened his home at Isle of Wight, Virginia, to Francis Asbury for a meeting with American Methodists in the late 1700s. 

The Smiths contribute to the Foundation’s Seminary Scholarship Fund which funds three-year educations at United Methodist seminaries for young pastors who agree to come back to the Arkansas Conference to serve local churches. Helping students get out of seminary with little or no debt means they are more focused and better able to serve our local churches.  

Dewitt, a former UMFA board member and former chair, has given generously of his time and energy. He’s been an important leader as the UMFA has grown to become one of the largest United Methodist foundations in the country.  

“I believe an active United Methodist Foundation gives us an opportunity to fund worthwhile ministries and ties in wonderfully with our connectional church,” Dewitt said.  “Ultimately we are able to help people do what they really want to do for their churches and other United Methodist organizations.”
Posted by Katie Holley at 2:54 PM