Kenneth Brumley: Serving His Church Family Forever

The congregation of Wesley United Methodist Church in Conway is family to retired engineer Kenneth Brumley.  He moved from Richmond, Indiana, after his wife passed away to be near one of his daughters and her family.  A lifelong Methodist, he considers the church to be the focus of his life.  

“My faith directed me toward this church family,” he said. “When you go to church regularly and make it a part of your life, your personal faith is easier to nurse. The idea is to go toward perfection, but not to be there until we see Jesus.”  

The energetic volunteer spends most every day at Wesley UMC doing light maintenance tasks and working at their Bread Basket Food Bank that feeds 900-1,000 people a month. He teaches Sunday School, sings in the choir, and is past chairman of the Trustees for this congregation that averages 60-70 in services each week.  

At a church meeting, United Methodist Foundation Vice President Janet Marshall introduced the idea of a charitable gift annuity that could benefit United Methodist causes.  Mr. Brumley liked what he heard, and he purchased an annuity from UMFA.  

“For my lifetime, I have extra income from an investment in a charitable gift annuity with the United Methodist Foundation,” said Mr. Brumley. “But the best thing about having an annuity is that when I go, the money in my account is left to the church,” Recently, he created a second gift annuity account with UMFA, further ensuring that the support he gives today to his church family can continue after his lifetime.  

Gift annuities can be a powerful giving tool, especially for seniors on fixed incomes. They can offer attract rates, and guaranteed lifetime income. The income can continue to a surviving spouse. They provide an immediate income tax deduction, part of the annual income is tax-free, and they create a future gift to the United Methodist Church.  

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