Lucile Barnett: Forever Giving

The United Methodist Foundation of Arkansas was trustee for Lucile Barnett’s Revocable Trust and Charitable Remainder Unitrust until her death in 2010. Upon her death, the Rollin and Lucile Barnett Memorial Endowment Fund was created with approximately $650,000. Her estate plan left instructions that the original gift was to never be spent, it was to be invested wisely, and the annual income was to be distributed each year according to her instructions.  

The annual income from the endowment benefits their local church and supports the Foundation’s grant-making. Lucile was an incredibly kind and gentle woman. Her great love for God and her church will now be expressed in perpetuity.  

The Barnetts first became aware of the Foundation when President and CEO Jim Argue spoke to the Bethel Sunday School Class years ago at First United Methodist Church, Little Rock.  Her husband Rollin said they should look into setting up a fund; so they did.   

Born March 3, 1912, Lucile Barnett was a lifetime member of First United Methodist Church, Little Rock.  “I was born on a Sunday morning early; my father and three older brothers enrolled me in the Cradle Department at First Methodist when I was one day old.”  

Lucile grew up on Arch Street in downtown Little Rock, where she lived for the first 29 years of her life.  “When I finished High School I went to Little Rock Junior College; then I went to Peabody College in Nashville during the summers until I got my degree,” she said.  “I always taught art.”   

She met her husband, Rollin, on the steps of the First Church sanctuary and was married there in 1944.  Except for a few years when Rollin was in the military or was transferred out of state by the U.S. Corps of Engineers, Lucile has always lived in Little Rock.  

She began teaching school at the Grammar School in 1931 and taught, with a few interruptions, at Little Rock Junior High and Little Rock High School (now Central High School). “I loved the kids I taught.  I loved the art, too,” she said of her career. “But when the classes got big, I decided it was time to retire.”  She retired in 1967.  

After retirement the Barnetts traveled several times to Europe, took two jaunts to Canada, went on cruises and made driving trips to California.  “We both worked and worked; so when we retired, we were ready to go,” she said.   

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Posted by Katie Holley at 10:20 AM