Nancy and Craig Wood: A Solid Choice

Nancy and Craig Wood are leaders at First United Methodist Church in Little Rock. They are pleased to know the United Methodist Foundation of Arkansas manages their local church’s endowment funds.  

“Dick Butler Sr. was a member of our church. He was a big advocate and supporter of the Foundation,” said Craig. “We know and trust Jim Argue and his staff for their expertise and their commitment. Also, working with the Foundation takes some politics out of the fund management decision when church members have ties to different financial institutions.”   

“We are both lifelong Methodists, and we are very proud of the work of our state’s Foundation. It is one of the largest in the nation,” said Nancy. “I am particularly impressed with the UMFA Seminary Scholarship Fund. Through board service at the national level, I’ve begun to understand the high cost of a seminary education. Folks coming out of seminary don’t get a huge salary, and it is really important for people in Arkansas to financially support educating our clergy.”  

Craig and Nancy’s confidence in UMFA is grounded in the institution’s 50-year history. “They got off on solid footing at the beginning, and they have continued to be a solid organization,” said Craig.  

Endowment funds provide perpetual income. They can be created today to benefit the church and the community tomorrow. Learn more about endowment funds.
Posted by Katie Holley at 10:16 AM