Hear an Attorney’s answers to:

  • Should you have a will or trust?

  • Who is a good guardian for your children?

  • When does your healthcare agent make critical decisions for you?

  • How can you preserve assets for loved ones?


Plus, you will receive a complimentary Wills Guide or learn how to use the FREE Internet Wills Planner account.  Guests will receive a complimentary copy of the Provide & Protect estate planning book with chapters on many useful topics given by The Methodist Foundation for Arkansas. 


This seminar follows the popular book, Provide & Protect by Charles Schultz, J.D. and well-known estate planning expert.


The Provide section of this seminar shows you how to make good decisions to help your family in the future. With a good plan you can avoid an accidental disinheritance and leave your family the gift of peace. Come hear about:

  • Important Life and Death Decisions

  • Helping Children Today and Tomorrow

  • Planning for a Difficult Child

  • Passing Integrity and Initiative


The Protect section of this seminar explains how you or a family member can make important medical decisions. If you are very ill or have a major medical problem, there are ways to protect you and your property. Learn about:

  • Selecting A Person to Make Medical Decisions

  • Chronic Illness—Care of Your Person

  • Chronic Illness—Care of Your Property


Provide & Protect Benefits seminar benefits:

1. There will be an attorney present to answer your questions.

2. You will receive a copy of the multimedia book, Provide & Protect.

3. Attendees may receive a printed Wills Guide or a complimentary Online Will Planner Account.


Who Should Attend the Provide & Protect Seminar?

  • Young adults who need to select a guardian for children.

  • Baby Boomers who can update their estate plan during a time of many life changes.

  • Seniors who need to have a trusted advocate if they suffer a major illness.

  • This seminar is great for young families to select a guardian, for Baby Boomers to update their estate plan and for seniors who need to be certain their medical forms and plans are in order.

Want to schedule a Provide & Protect Seminar at your church? Contact Janet Marshall at 501-664-8632 or jmarshall@umfa.org.